Technological development

Understanding how vulnerable communities engage with technology to cope with insecurities is a central part of our project. 

The technological development work package will be evaluating the role, uses, infrastructure, and ethical realities of inclusive technology and information networks in communities confronting chronic violence, active conflicts, or in post-conflict societies.

Of particular interest is how communities experience and navigate interactions with state security and police forces, and how they use inclusive technologies to build their resilience to crisis, improve their own security, and safeguard themselves.

The Department of Informatics (Ifi) at University of Oslo is responsible for coordinationg technology efforts across the project, conducting context analysis, and developing context-appropriate plans alongside community organisations for the inclusion of technology in community policing activities. This includes COP ICT pilots in Kenya and Guatemala, and development of a Knowledge Base System. The technology development work package is led by Arunima Sehgal Mukherjee.