Methodology and Comparative Analysis

This project takes an explorative methodological approach in which ‘co-creation of knowledge’ is a fundamental tenet.

Drawing on ethnographic and anthropological methodologies, our researchers employ a variety of methods to create knowledge together with individual, group and institutional informants. Individual interviews and focus groups are, for instance, frequently used methods.

While we use the overall explorative approach and qualitative methodology  as a basis, the different work packages make their own methodological choices based on the respective research contexts.

At the same time, the approach and methods employed allow for comparisons across research areas. Comparison between cases is a key feature of the ICT4COP project, especially as regards crosscutting themes such as gender relations or technological development.

Researchers in this area are:

  • Dr. Ingrid Nyborg
  • Prof. John Andrew McNeish
  • Dr. Kari Osland
  • Dr. Shai A. Divon
  • Ms. Ingvild Jacobsen