Among vulnerable groups in post-conflict societies, women are often included specifically. But men, too, may be at particular risk. Gender relations are therefore especially important in the ICT4COP resaerch project.  

A critical factor relating to human security in post-conflict societies is societal power relations, gender relations in particular. Although more women have joined law enforcement agencies in many post-conflict societies over the last decade or so, and although more emphasis is put on protecting women, these efforts remain inadequate.

This work package examines gender issues in community-oriented policing to allow for a better understanding of how gender relations define the ways communities link with the police and how a more inclusive police service may contribute to improved trust – and security.

Dr. Ingrid Nyborg, our project leader, also leads the charge in this work package. Katarzyna Struzińska of Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, is also a researcher with this work package.