Community-Oriented Policing in El Salvador

Despite being the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is among the most violent nations in the world.  El Salvador went through a period of dictatorship and civil war during the 1980’s that formally ended in 1992, but the deterioration of its economic situation after its peace agreement led to large-scale migration.  During the same period, the country received numerous deportees from the USA … Continue reading Community-Oriented Policing in El Salvador

Community-Oriented Policing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua experienced a period of authoritarian government, civil war, and revolution that lasted into the late 1970’s.  Nicaragua is Latin America’s second poorest country and is characterized by an unequal society with significant levels of migration to northern and neighboring countries.  In spite of this, out-migration is less of a trend in Nicaragua than in nearby countries, possibly due to its low crime rate.  This … Continue reading Community-Oriented Policing in Nicaragua

Community-Oriented Policing in Somalia

Somalia is a very young nation, with its federal government having been formed in 2012. The country struggles with instability, ineffective government, extreme weather events, and domestic terrorism.  Terrorism is a threat for the general public and tourists alike, and even Somalia’s neighboring countries suffer from constant risk.  Unlike other nations in the ICT4COP project, Somalia is fairly homogenous in terms of religion and ethnicity; … Continue reading Community-Oriented Policing in Somalia

Community-Oriented Policing in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been experiencing armed conflicts since the 1970s. Moreover, in the late 1980s, radical Islamist groups such as al-Qaida, the Taliban, and the Islamic State began to form. Violent conflict and foreign invasions have led Afghanistan to now face critical problems with poverty, high dependence on foreign aid, shortage of housing and jobs, and lack of other basic necessities. These problems, along with the … Continue reading Community-Oriented Policing in Afghanistan

Community-Oriented Policing in Kenya

Kenya is a diverse country and home to many tribes, some of them with long-standing rivalries. In remote areas like Turkana, the dry climate, long droughts, and very limited natural resources often exacerbate tribal conflicts. In such remote locations, the Kenyan police is reliant on the Kenya Police Reserve (reservists) to upkeep peace. However, the police reservists are essentially volunteers who often lack sufficient training … Continue reading Community-Oriented Policing in Kenya