ICT4COP comparative research workshop in Guatemala

ICT4COP researchers met recently in Antigua, Guatemala for a comparative research workshop. The workshop took place from 4th to 6th of March in the Unesco-listed city known for its Spanish colonial architecture and cobbled streets. As well as presentations and discussion sessions, members spent a morning with Antigua’s community police force and were introduced to some of the community policing initiatives taking place around the town. On the workshop, ICT4COP project leader, Dr Ingrid Nyborg commented, “This was a wonderful opportunity to share and compare our results so far from the various regional cases. We had lively discussions on cross-cutting issues such as gender, youth, accountability, trust-building, and international police assistance. We quickly saw how each case offered specific insight into the importance of understanding local history, social relations and politics when designing community policing programs. This was indeed a useful step in our comparative analysis of the cases being studied.”

Photo: ICT4COP comparative research workshop members and local police in Antigua, Guatemala. Photo credit: Neil Davey

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